Boyds Historical Society was organized in
1975 (as the Boyds/Clarksburg Historical
Society).   Our membership consists of local
residents who share an interest in
preserving our community's history. We
welcome potential new members,
contributions, suggestions, and requests for
information.  We are a non profit, 501(c)(3)
Our Mission:

The Boyds Historical Society wishes to:

  •        Establish an archive and museum
    facility for the community
  •        Preserve the Boyds Negro School as
    a Maryland Historic Site
  •        Promote and encourage activities
    that educate, entertain, and develop
    community fellowship,
  •        Provide space for community
    functions, events and festivals.
Boyds Negro School

1980, BHS acquired the historic Boyds Negro
School property.   The school is located at 19510
White Ground Road.  This one-room 22 x 30 foot
wooden building, heated by a wood stove, served
as the only public school for African Americans in
the Boyds area from 1895-1936.  The schoolhouse
served students in grades 1-8, many of whom
walked for miles to attend classes at the school.  
After the purchase of the property in 1980, the
school was restored by BHS to its original
condition in approximately 1900.   (pictured above).
The school is
open by appointment and also on
last Sunday of each month from 2:00 - 4:00 pm.
during the months from April - Nov. We welcome
individuals, school groups, home-schoolers, and
anyone with an interest in our local history.  The
school can also be used for meetings and by
community groups.  To arrange a tour or to reserve
the space, contact
Mailing address:  
P. O. Box 161
Boyds MD  20841

Members (2014)

Maggie Bartlett
Marilyn DiReggi
Merritt & Sue Ann Ednie
Elaine Fors-MacKellar
Steve Gibson
Ginger Gibson
Michael Gresalfi
Nanette Hunter
Kathie Hulley
Florence Phillips

The Boyds Historical Society meets
monthly, usually on the last Wednesday
of the month.  We welcome new
members and volunteers.  If you wish
to join, please  email us at,
DVD Available

BHS has produced an educational
about the history of the
Boyds Negro School.  It is entitled,
Boyds Negro School -- Historic
."  The video contains the
re-enactment of life as it was at the
historic school, along with
interviews with former students
and their teacher.  Requests for
copies  may be made by mail or by
DVD's can be purchased
for $10.00 ($12.00 if shipping is
Fall 2014

The October monthly open
house will take place on
Sunday, Oct. 26th at the
historic school, from 2:00 -
4:00 pm.  We will have fall
activities for families.  
Please visit!

The Boyds Historical
Society will participate in
the Emancipation Day
event at the Button Farm
in Germantown on 11/1/14.
Hours are 12:00 to 4:00.  

Our local partner
organization, the
Brae Foundation
, is
hosting an art exhibit at
the Boyds-Maughlin
House.  See the attached
flyer for details.   

The historic Boyds Negro school
building is open by appointment
during the week for school field trips
or other groups, including home
schoolers.  The school also is open
the last Sunday of the month
from 2:00 - 4:00
pm from April
through October
.  During the winter
months, we are open by appointment
or upon request.  For more
information about tours or hours,
contact us at  

BHS  was proud to sponsor the
junior division local history prize for
Montgomery County History day,
which was held on Saturday, March
17th, at Richard Montgomery H.S.   .

BHS is pleased to announce that a
new book,
Boyds: A Character
, is available. It contains stories
about life in Boyds and the people of
Boyds as told by Arthur Virts and
friends. If you are interested in
purchasing one at $10.00 please
contact Ginger Gibson at

[Click on the thumbnail images
below to see the front and back cover
of this special publication.]

Tax deductible donations to help to
defray the cost of printing the book
can be made to:
Boyds Historical Society
P.O. Box 161
Boyds, MD 20841
Please indicate History Book in the
memo portion of your check.
If additional information is needed
please contact Steve Gibson at
A receipt of donation will be
provided for tax purposes.